Discover the Best Board Meeting Software from our Partners

Businesses rely on meeting software to stay in touch with remote employees, customers and partners. To get the most out of this technology, it’s important to choose a Board platform that fits your needs.

Your key to organizing a successful Board Meeting

Virtual meetings have become the need of the hour for remote teams. To make them more effective, it is necessary to choose the optimal number of topics for the Board Meeting. Too many questions will only prolong the meeting but not the fact that it will make it more effective. It is much more helpful if the participants leave after the end with the feeling that they have solved all the problems and not with the terrifying thought: how many points will have to be considered next time?

There are many reasons why Board software is vital in today’s workplace. Video chat allows two or more people to communicate with each other, even if they are in different locations. Because of this, it has caused significant changes in companies and people’s lives.

Switching to the Board Meeting Software that implements modern technologies and state-of-the-art solutions allows for a more holistic approach to communication. Give your business the means to scale and “interact” with a cloud-based online collaboration space that integrates with other communication tools and offers a quick and easy browser-based setup without the cords and heavy equipment.

A Board Meeting platform is a web application that allows users to hold live online meetings with audio and video capabilities. This type of software allows companies to conduct virtual meetings, training sessions and webinars with employees, customers and partners around the world.

What are the best Board Meeting Software in 2023?

The best Board meeting software platforms in 2023 should allow users to communicate with other people around the world in real-time. The next platforms will provide high-quality video and audio connectivity and various collaboration tools to make online meetings more productive. Among the best of them are the following:

  1. iDeals Board. As a modern tool for conducting online meetings, iDeals Board connects the real world with the virtual one. This is a huge factor in determining whether video conferencing adds value to your business model or not.
  2. Diligent. This software is quite easy to use and can be found at You can record from your computer, share your screen, and use it to create personalized videos to accompany your offers and more.
  3. Nasdaq Boardvantage. Luckily, most businesses have one or more of the most common meeting tools and operating systems at their disposal, but if you need to capture video on the fly, Nasdaq Boardvantage can be the app to save your day.
  4. Govenda. By using Govenda, you will be able to save time on organizing meetings and inviting participants, conveniently, structurally store and use all information on meetings, monitor the execution of tasks adopted at the meeting online, print minutes of meetings with all the necessary information and others.
  5. Boardable. It focuses on solving highly specialized tasks, in particular, holding meetings. Now you can create the agenda and minutes of the meeting directly from the meeting card, while all the necessary documents are attached to the card and are always at hand.